Cheap Compound Bows from Top Manufacturers are Available this Season

If you are in the market for a great new or used hunting bow this season it’s best to be able to shop a full selection of cheap compound bows – and by “cheap” we don’t mean junk.  Finding cheap compound bows is about locating the absolute best prices on the name brand products you want from the leading manufacturers in the industry.  An inexpensive bow from a no-name company that lacks the materials and components you want is junk.  A top of the line bow from Bowtech, Hoyt, Darton or other producers of the best is what you’re looking for.

Compound Bows
Compound Bows
Compound Bows
Compound Bows
Compound Bows
Compound Bows
Compound Bows
Compound Bows
Compound Bows
Compound Bows
Compound Bows
Compound Bows

When shopping for cheap compound bows consider the way you like to hunt and your personal attributes.  Most hunters will do well with a bow that sports a mid-level draw weight of 45-60 pounds.  In fact, younger hunters, women, and those who prefer absolute accuracy over speed take plenty of large animals every year with bows that pull 35-50 pounds.  Yes, speed kills.  But inaccurate speed won’t hit that big buck obliviously eating acorns 20 yards out.  Accuracy, even if the arrow speed is 225 fps instead of 320 fps will take it down.

So the point is, don’t ramp up the speed just because you think you have to.  If you’re not comfortable drawing a 70 lb bow leave those to the linebackers and pick up one that fits your physique.  Your 12-point taken at 240 feet per second will still look better than that 4-point knocked down at 330 fps when they’re hanging side by side on the buck pole.  Look for mid-range cheap compound bows with plenty of power from Martin, Mathews, Alpine and Browning, though all the top makers have excellent bows in this range.

Next, don’t be too concerned about the type of cam system the cheap compound bows use.  There are four basic styles that offer a variety of functionality.  They store energy on the draw and unleash it when you release.  You’ll find single cam, dual cam, binary cam and hybrid cam styles.  Single cams are often considered the fastest cams and may be easier to control.  The other cam styles may produce a more comfortable draw and release as well as quieter performance.  However, keep in mind as you peruse cheap compound bows that you will kill more game with the bow you practice with the most.  Being comfortable and attaining proficiency with the bow you own is more important than anything else.

Beyond these keys make sure that the cheap compound bows you select from are outfitted with accessories that fit.  Having the right length arrows for the draw length is crucial.  Putting your bow in a lightweight, durable hard case will keep it in perfect shape.  Putting on a fresh string, especially if you purchase a used bow, might also save you hassle on opening day.

Cheap compound bows can be found at great prices, whether new or used.  They offer value and outstanding performance so you’ll head to the woods or field with confidence that you’ve got the bow you need to put antlers on the wall and meat in the freezer.